Theory Test

The Theory test was introduced in 1996, it consists of a series of multiple choice questions and one case study, the case study accounts for 5 marks, maximum score possible overall is 50, pass mark is 43. Please call us for if you require more Theory Test advice.

This is followed by the Hazard Perception Test which was introduced in 2002; it consists of 14 short film clips each with at least one scoring hazard. Each hazard is worth a possible 5 marks, the earlier you react to the hazard the better your score. One clip has two hazards making the maximum score possible 75. The pass mark is 44.

The Department for Transports Know your traffic signs booklet is now available on the DVSA website. You can go to an individual section for images and information on traffic signs, signals and road markings. Or, you can download the booklet in full, free of charge.

To take a look, go to

Theory Pass Certificate

Your Theory Pass Certificate is valid for 2 years during which time you must pass the Practical Test.

You must pass both the Theory Questions and Hazard Perception at the same time, if you fail one part the overall result is a fail. There are various books and DVDs available to help you study and we will be happy during your lesson to answer any queries you may have.

Everything you learn while studying for the Theory and Hazard Perception will benefit you greatly not only during your driving lessons but also throughout your many years ahead as a qualified driver.

Theory Tests should be booked either online with DVSA at: by phoning DVSA on 0300 200 1155. You will require your driving licence number and some form of payment card e.g. Debit card. Currently the fee is 25.00. Beware of sites other than the DVSA as these may charge you a booking fee!

The Theory Test Centre is located at:-
Migvie House,
23 North Silver Street
AB10 1RJ

Just off Golden Square

Practical Test

The Practical Test begins with the Driving Examiner carrying out a document check, you must bring with you:- both parts of your driving licence (paper and photo card), valid Theory Pass Certificate and confirmation letter. You will then be required to complete an eyesight check (read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres/67 feet) followed by the Vehicle Safety Questions (one 'Show Me' and one 'Tell Me' question).

The drive itself lasts for approximately 38-40 minutes, during which time you will cover various types of road and traffic conditions and also complete 1 Manoeuvre and possibly the Emergency Stop.

The fee for the Practical Test, payable to the DVSA, is currently 62.00

How to book, check or change your practical test: visit

To check and change your practical test, visit:

Independent Driving

Your practical driving test will include a section of independent driving.
During your test youll have to drive by either following a series of directions, following traffic signs, or a combination of both, for about ten minutes.

To help you understand where youre going, the examiner may show you a diagram.

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