Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an established training course aimed at new drivers. It was designed by the DVSA with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry. Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years after passing their test, due to lack of driving experience.

Pass Plus builds on your skills and knowledge. It will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, to help you become a more confident driver.

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Who can do Pass Plus training?

You can take a Pass Plus course at any time, but its mainly aimed at new drivers in the first year after passing their test.

  • Pass Plus modules
  • Pass Plus consists of six modules about driving in different conditions:
  • In Towns
  • Motorways
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Country Roads
  • All Weather Driving
  • Driving At Night

Further information is available on the DVSA's website, click on the link below:

Help with funding is available for the under 25's from local community safety groups, to find out more click on the link below:-

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